D&J Realty

1412 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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D&J Realty is situated in Midwood, a lovely, family-oriented neighborhood.

Midwood is a quiet South Brooklyn neighborhood, bordering Flatbush, which features an excellent public school system and a strong community-oriented flavor. The Jewish Orthodox community has a strong presence here, with Avenue M as the central location for kosher food and butchers. The main shopping streetsare Kings Highway, Avenue J, Flatbush Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, and Coney Island Avenue, which present diverse food and shopping attractions. Di Fara's Pizzeria is an major attraction that brings pizza aficionados in from all over the city. Also notable is the neighborhood's long history as a center for film and television production.

Leasing Agents:

Liam McCarthy / JMKBK LLC
jmkliam@gmail.com  Cell: 646-387-9551

Ella Zakroisky:
allaz13@gmail.com   Cell: 347-598-8347